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'72 1985cc B-motor rehab/ alternator ?s (long)
Posted by Nils99 [Email] (more from Nils99) on Wed, 25 Jan 2012 04:07:06

Hello all and Happy New Year. (I can say that until February 1st, right?) :)

I'm (very slowly) trying to do a budget restoration on a '72 99 w/ a Saab-built 2-liter 1985cc motor. I'm discovering that I have much work to do! I've posted here before, but I'll try to me consistent going forward.

The car has no battery or alternator, both the fuel lines & heater core have rusted thru, there's an issue with the ignition cylinder (key doesn't seem to turn), and I don't trust the fuel injection. There are more issues, but I'll stop there for now.

I want to run the car with a B-motor, but have been unable to find a known-working motor. So, I'm left with the task of determining if the engine I have is sound. If not, I'll search for a different B or perhaps an H.

I've decided to prime the motor (w starting fluid) while it's still in the bay.

Would be easier to install the alternator (assuming it's functional and correct) and battery, fix the ign cyl and turn it over enough to do a compression test or leak down test?

Or should I try to crank it by hand using a breaker-bar setup? If I recall right, the engine has to be pulled or lifted to install the alternator, and the crank shaft is very close to the firewall...making both tasks difficult.

Thirdly, should I pull it and try to prime the motor while it's out of the bay? This way I can check/fix steering rack, check for rust, etc, etc. I want to that anyway, but the engine is most important.

Regarding the alternator: Here are the numbers from it:

0 120 400 921 922
K1---> 14V 55A 20

It's in really good shape...the pulley just needs to be attached with a snap ring or wedge-type shim.

I've tried to attach some pictures via Picasa. If the pics are not viewable, I'll try to get that issue fixed.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading!

Nils99 (Joe)

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