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Bay Area Saab (Verified 2016-17)
1540 Pine Street
San Francisco
(877) 870-5031

We are SAAB authorized official parts and service center.

Embarcadero Automotive (Verified 2015-16)
San Francisco
(415) 541-8500

Embarcadero Automotive is an Official Saab Service Center. For over 30 years,
San Francisco SAAB Owners have trusted our mechanics to repair and maintain
their autos in a safe manner. Embarcadero combines hi-tech diagnostic and repair
skill with legendary personal service.

I have all my work done here. Wonderful guys. Michael Land sometimes known as
Dr. Mike is pure SAAB genius.
Submitted by Mark R.

European Auto Factory (formerly Swedish Auto Factory) (Verified 2016)
1170 Martin Ave
Santa Clara
(408) 241-SAAB
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The Saab Factory had taken excellent care of my 1985 900S for 10 years and
provided outstanding service until I moved to Arizona. They really go the
extra mile for their customers in being reliable and competent. It is a great
feeling knowing I can trust my mechanic to keep my car in top operating
condition so I am safe on the road. I highly recommend the Saab Factory.
Submitted by Rielle P./Janice J.

Truly, one of the best Saab repair shops in North America. They handle
EVERY model Saab ever made. Very active in the local Saab club, conventions,
and racing. I feel lucky to live close enough to use them for service on
my more difficult Sonett repairs.
Submitted by Scott P.

Marin Volvo Saab Independent Repair (Verified 2016-17)
24 Woodland Ave
San Rafael
(415) 459-7178

Right Solution, Inc. (Verified 2016)
Walter Wong
8664 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles CA
(310) 666-2406 Sponsor
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Our 2001 9-5 Aero reached 100,000 miles and this incredibly reliable car 
started to have the miles catch up to it.  The alternator died one day so 
I had it towed to the dealer.  I have been searching for a good independent 
repair place, with little success.  The dealer wanted $800 to install a new 
alternator.  The service writer even had the nerve to tell me the battery 
cable need replacing too, and that would be another $200!  I called an 
independent I knew and he said he didn’t trust rebuilt alternators either and 
that was the going price.  I paid the dealer and wondered how I could continue 
loving this car, and Saabs in general.  I felt like the Saab romance was over 
after the ‘58 93b, ‘60 95, ‘66 96, ‘79 900t, ‘85 900t, ‘88 SPG, ‘88 Cab, and 
‘99 95 wagon.   We actually started looking for a replacement in the form of 
a 2007 95 Aero.
A week later we get a low coolant warning on the Aero.  I start searching 
Saabnet for answers and come to the conclusion it was the heater by-pass valve.  
I ordered a new valve and planned to put it in myself.  While poking around 
Saabnet, I found the repair shop listing and I stumbled across Walter Wong and 
Right Solution Inc.  below the listing are a bunch of glowing endorsements.  I 
booked and appointment with Walter.  
Walter is everything all those glowing endorsements claim.  He test drove the 
car, went over every inch of it with me.  We made up a list of what had to be 
done together.  I was impressed.  His guys installed the heater by-pass valve 
and an upper motor mount.  He even loaned me a car from his wonderful fleet of 
Saab 900’s, not just any car, but the red Saab convertible that was in SIDEWAYS  
[the movie].  
The Aero will go back to Walter in a couple of months to have the rest of the 
items on the list fixed.  We are looking forward to putting another 100,000 
miles on the Aero with Walter’s mechanical support!
Walter has an impressive knowledge of Saabs, a great team of mechanics, and a 
terrific attitude about making his customers happy and keeping those old Saabs 
on the road.  His approach to repairs is intelligent and his prices are reasonable.  
If you have a Saab in Los Angeles this is only one place to get it fixed, period.  
You may even get to drive the SIDEWAYS 900 Convert!  
I am positive I will be Walter’s customer for a long time.
Submitted by Dick L.

Walter is The Best mechanic in town, he does everything but body work ,even
he give a loaner car and that means a lot for people like me, because I work
with my 900T.As mobile service my friends and I we can save and get first
class repairs he is working on Saabs only for the last 15 years, and he
really know how to keep a Saab on the road without spend more money than
Submitted by: Thomas M.

I have an 1985 Saab turbo that has had some problems. I said had. Walter
Wong who I found by a happy accident is definitely the Saab Angel with
golden wings. Walter only works on Saabs, was trained in Sweden by Saab and
is Saab certified. Walter has won numerous awards as mechanic of the year
in several countries including Sweden. In my Saab travels around LA many of
the Saab mechanics I've talk to know Walter and all nod in approval of his
abilities. Walter charges a more than reasonable rate. He's a downright
bargain. Walter doesn't just fix your car he resurrects it. I feel like I'm
driving a brand new car. Walter installed a transmission and several other
parts, clutch, master clutch cylinder etc., for half of what other people
charge. He also is honest to a fault. He will tell you how to save money by
going to Sears or somewhere else to have shocks put in rather than have him
do it. He even tells you when the sales are happening. All said and done
Walter has made owning a Saab a joy and not a sob. There is only one drawn
back to Walter Wong. He is a family man with children and refused to let me
put him in my car trunk forever no many how much money I offered him.
Submitted by Brian M.

Just as I was about to dump my 1989 Saab 900 SPG (218,000 miles and counting)
I found Walter Wong. After years of dealer and mechanic rip offs, I have
found an extraordinarily honest mechanic who loves Saabs and looks out for
their owners. I am a journalist and need my car constantly. Unlike many
mechanics who won't let you near the car when they're working on it, Walter
patiently explains what he's doing and what I can do myself. I get several
different fixing "options" depending on my budgetary demands. He never makes
you feel like a stupid customer. I have learned much about my own car since I
met Walter. Last year when my car broke down in Utah, I was stuck in a tiny
town with a mechanic who'd never even seen a Saab. Via cell phone, Walter
guided the man through a diagnostic. I've decided to keep my car because of
Walter. I'll probably be buried in it. I almost have as many miles on me as
it does!
Submitted by Dianne B.

I was having some problems with shifting on my 93 900 Turbo. I received an
estimate for $3000 from a mechanic telling me I needed a new transmission. To
get a second opinion I put an ad on Saab Net asking for help. Walter
responded to my ad, calling me over and over again trying to help and
following up to make sure I was making progress on getting my car fixed.
Thanks to his over-the-phone diagnostics (which determined I needed a new
coupling and not a transmission), repair instructions, and $1.50 (that's one
dollar and 50 cents) worth of plastic ties the coupling is fixed and car
running great until I can purchase a new coupling and have it installed. From
a $3000 estimate to a $1.50 fix - that's pretty incredible. He's also
continued to follow up to help me order the new part and fix it myself and
has never asked for anything in return. I just wish Walter lived in Redding
and not LA. I highly recommend Walter to anyone lucky enough to live close to
his shop.
Submitted by Kurt H.

Walter Wong is an amazing Saab technician. I went to him with several small
complaints and he lead me thru the finer points of owning my Saab. With all
my confidence I would recommend him to anyone who can travel to LA to see
him. I look forward to my next oil change with Walter and future repairs--in
his hands i trust! completely!
Submitted by Shauna H.

I live in Orange County, and drive about 80 miles (one way) to get my '89 900
Turbo serviced by Walter. The man's knowledge of Saabs is immaculate. He can
diagnose a problem by a sound or symptom that will confound many indep shop
techs. Moreover, his honesty and reasonable prices are unmatched. I've had
the firsthand displeasure of returning from a Saab shop with more mechanical
difficulties than I had when I arrived. Walter works on the problem, and
doesn't create new ones. You'll know when you're in his neighborhood, as the
number of Saabs on the street will skyrocket. I heartily recommend Walter for
his aptitude and attitude, and suggest that anyone with a serious Saab
condition give him a call to get the real deal.
Submitted by Brian A.

I bought a 1989 900 Turbo convertible with 68000 miles on it and took it to
Walter Wong. He spent 2 hours with me going over the car making a list of what
needed to be done right now and what could wait a while. He knows what parts
to buy used and what to replace with better than OEM. We went for a ride after
he serviced the car and it drove like new. He said "This is why people by a
Saab" and he was right. As we drove around his neighborhood I started to
notice 2 or 3 Saabs parked on every block. He even has loaner Saabs. The
amazing thing about Walter is that he tries to save you money when he
can. Call him with your problem and see.
Submitted by Todd O.

I just bought a '99 Saab convertible and came to this site for mechanic info.
Following the advice here, I made an appointment with Walter. The majority
rules - Walter is awesome. I mainly just wanted an overall assessment of my
new(used) vehicle and he was great. He spent an hour with me, going over the
inside of the car and the outside. He opened the hood and explained all kinds
of stuff and jacked the car up and inspected things. He even made me drive
him around the block to troubleshoot some noises I had been hearing. It was
well worth the $60. I now have a list of about 4 items I'm taking to the
dealer for repair (only 1 major thing which is a faulty tire). The good news
is, he said my car is in great shape - mechanically and aesthetically. woo
Submitted by Kathryn M.

Santa Monica Volvo-Saab Service (Verified 2015-16)
12411 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles
(310) 826-4113
Email: Click Here

Full service Saab and Volvo, same location since 1980.
Submitted by David S.

Steve's Auto A B (Verified 2016-17)
3612 Fairbanks Way
(510) 695-0569
Email: Click Here

In the summer of 1981 the Saab dealer in berkley needed a tech that had
transmission experience. Working as a shop Forman and builder in the
transmission industry Steven Elliott started working with Saab. By march of 1989
steve achieved master tech level and has been working with saab in the bay area
for 30 years. In the nineties , seeking additional knowledge , Steve became a
Toyota Diagnoistic Master Technician Given the current situation Steve has
opened Steve's Automotive AB The AB represents his roots with Saab cars
("Svenska Aeroplan AB (aktiebolaget)" (English: Swedish Aeroplane Limited )
Aktiebolag (literally "share company" or "stock company") is the Swedish term
for "limited company" or "corporation".

Svensson Automotive (Verified 2016-17)
3297 Mt Diablo Blvd
(925) 299-0720
Email: Click Here

We are a SAAB OFFICIAL SERVICE CENTER. We service SAABS a-z also have a full
service body shop. we can repair or drop ship parts to your door straight from

Swedecar (Verified 2016)
22634 Normandie Ave,unit A
(310) 328-1731 Sponsor
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Once in a rare while you find a highly competent, honest and fair car 
technician.  Anders (Swedecar)is one such individual.  After many frustrating 
episodes with the Saab dealer over servicing my '02 9-3, I found Anders.  He 
has such a vast knowledge of Saabs that he can identify and fix any issue 
quickly at very, very fair rates.  The fact that I drive 100 miles round trip 
to his shop (even for just an oil change) says it all!  
Submitted by John B.

Anders is a great honest mechanic.  He fixed the oil leak for my car (oil 
pressure switch), the bill was actually lower then what he quoted me on the 
phone.  I have other problems with the car and Anders was happy to provide 
feedback on the phone.  Honest and dependable I highly recommend him for all 
your Saab service.
Submitted by Dean L.

I drove to California from upstate NY.  My car blew a hose in 
Colorado and needed a service. Anders was a god send! He checked over my 
entire car, explained everything along the way and he's a very nice 
person. I only wish I could bring him home with me! Oh! and he's actually 
from Sweden!!
Submitted by Buck L.

TSM Automotive (Verified 2016)
Official Saab Service Center
8767 Irvine Center Drive, Suite M
(949) 753-1575 Sponsor
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